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Brian De Sousa is a senior software developer working in the financial industry. He has over 10 years of experience developing web applications with a variety of web technologies. He has a passion for developing solutions using the latest and greatest technologies and frameworks.

Using Node 11.7 Worker Threads with RxJS Observable

With the release of Node 11.7, the worker_threads module becomes a standard feature and is no longer hidden behind the --experimental-worker switch. The worker_threads module allows developers to run JavaScript asynchronously in light-weight, isolated threads contained within the main Node process. This article will be focusing on how use worker threads to execute a task asynchronously and stream data from ...

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Case-sensitive import statements in TypeScript

I ran into a tricky TypeScript build issue with an Angular app that would build successfully on a Windows 10 machine but failed to build on a Linux machine with a “Cannot find module” error. The cause of the problem ended up boiling down to a single case-sensitive character, “X” instead of “x”. When I first encountered the error, I ...

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Deploy an Angular App from Visual Studio Code to Azure

What do you get when you mix Angular 6, Node 10, Visual Studio Code and Azure? A really quick and slick way to develop and deploy a web application using the latest and greatest technologies. Keep reading to find out how. This article will discuss how to: Setup a free Node server on the cloud using Azure App Service Build ...

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NPM Can Do That?

I have been using the NPM package manager for a few years and watched it rise, almost fall (to Yarn) and evolve into a fast, full-featured package manager and much more. Along the way there are a few simple tricks that have saved me a bunch of cumulative time. Viewing Available NPM Scripts Picture this… you finally find some time ...

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Using a Chrome Developer Profile with Visual Studio Code Debugger

When developing web apps in Visual Studio Code, I find myself using the built-in debugger to conveniently launch my web application in Chrome. Initially I was using the following launch.json configuration to launch Chrome and the debugger: "configurations": [ { "type": "chrome", "request": "launch", "name": "Launch Chrome", "url": "http://localhost:4200/home", "webRoot": "${workspaceFolder}/src" } ] This launch configuration works pretty well. It ...

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Building a Node Module That Connects to DB2

The NPM registry contains many Node modules that help you to connect to a wide variety of databases including MySQL, Oracle, Mongo and even IBM DB2. This article demonstrates how to write a very simple Node module that connects to DB2 using the ibm_db Node module provided by IBM. Key concepts covered in this article: Creating a simple Node module Using ...

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Creating a NodeJS Web Server to Run angular-seed

The angular-seed project on GitHub is a great way to start playing with AngularJS. It allows you to get an AngularJS single-page web app up and running very quickly. If you want to run your web app with NodeJS then you will need to create a basic Node server. I will attempt to explain how to create a Node server configuration using some common Express framework components. ...

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