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Seriate: The Glue Between SQL Server and Node.js

An example Node.js application which connects to a SQL server and serves up data via HTTP endpoints. Before leaving my last client, I was asked if it was possible for Node.js to connect to Microsoft’s SQL Server. The reasoning behind this was that the company wanted to move away from a pure Microsoft stack because of the cost and try ...

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Ridiculously Fast API Authentication with Phoenix

With Phoenix, productivity is a first-class citizen. Last time, we started an API and looked at how Phoenix promises similar if not more productivity than Rails. We scaffolded out a resource and talked about key concepts. Generators and scaffolds are a great way to see how things are done or to get an initial understanding. However, when building real-world applications, ...

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Take a break, go out and play

There is so much to learn and so many cool things I can make as a software developer that I can stay on my computer all day without getting bored. It gets a bit hard to concentrate after a few hours, but nothing that a cup of coffee can’t fix. If I feel stir-crazy, I can always take my laptop ...

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Javascript Textbox Example

However convenient, forms have been a nightmare for developers for a long time, because they had a very important and difficult requirement to fulfill: transferring data from the client to the server. When Javascript came to be a regular in the playground, there was one ability which made it completely establish itself: the ability to completely sidestep this “drawback” of ...

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Concurrency in Go Part II

This article is the last part in a two-part series about concurrency in Go. Check out the first part here. In Part I of this series, we covered the basics of concurrency in Go: the differences between concurrency and parallelism, and how to implement goroutines, channels, and buffered channels in Go. Armed with those building blocks, we can work on ...

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Javascript Onclick Example

The aim of this example is to show you how to handle the onclick event. A JavaScript can be executed when an event occurs, like when a user clicks on an HTML element. To execute code when a user clicks on an element, we can add JavaScript code to an HTML onclick event attribute . The onclick event fires on ...

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Python Array Example

Let’s talk about arrays in Python 3.4. Arrays are a way of grouping basic values (characters, integers, floating point numbers), they are sequence types and behave almost like lists, except that all the items in an array must be of the same type. Also, arrays are mutable, ordered and indexed. 1. The Basics You probably know lists in Python, and ...

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jQuery Select Option Example

The aim of this example is to explain and use various jQuery selectors and methods related to manipulation the select dropdown element of HTML. The <select> element is used to create a drop-down list. The <option> tags inside the element define the available options in the list. These basic HTML elements are the ones we’ll apply special selector and/or methods ...

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