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PHP Connect To Mysql Tutorial

In this example we will learn about database systems, mysql and how PHP scripts can talk to a Mysql database. For this example we will use: A computer with PHP >= 5.5 installed Mysql server notepad++ Phpmyadmin: This is not compulsory. (All the codes in this example will work correctly even without it). If you want a graphical user interface ...

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Building a Well-Polished Ruby Gem

A gem is a package for Ruby to distribute code in a maintained unit. But that’s not all there is to it. A Ruby gem can also contain full documentation and testing. And gems can be further configured for external services for quality, test suite, and documentation verification. When you’re publishing code for other people to use, you’re also presenting ...

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PHP Base64 Encode/Decode Example

Encoding in base64 simply involves converting binary data to ASCII text. Encoding in base64 is done so as to easily and effectively transfer binary data over a network. One of its use case is transferring data in emails.                     In this example we are going to learn how to encode and ...

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An Introduction To Underscore.js

Recently I starting working in the Backbone.js framework which has dependency on the Underscore.js framework. Underscore is a JavaScript utility library with many useful functions to handle common programming use cases. I decided it would be a good idea to spend some time discovering what all the framework has to offer those within and outside of Backbone. In this blog, ...

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PHP Beautifier Tools Example

In this example we are going to examine some tools that will beautify or properly format PHP source code. It can become neccessary to do this, if source code has been minified or wrongly formatted.                 Below we present some other reasons you might need a source code beautifier: You’ve downloaded an unreadable script: ...

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The Ultimate DevOps Toolkit for the Application Lifecycle

Want to know more about DevOps? Download the The Ultimate DevOps Toolkit and Embracing the DevOps Lifecycle The right tools in your DevOps toolkit can help you successfully enable DevOps in your organization, highlighting an Agile release process and team collaboration. Let me start this post by stating DevOps is not only about tools — without the right people and ...

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PHP Array to String Conversion

Arrays are very popular in programming languages, as they are widely used by programmers to perform different tasks. Arrays are part of the first few topics every new developer or programmer learns. In this example we will learn about arrays, what they are, how to use and manipulate them. For this example we will use: A computer with PHP>= 5.5 installed ...

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So You’re Thinking of Decomposing Your Monolith into Microservices

Advocates for microservices tend to pitch the pattern as a remedy for bloated, messy, monolithic ailments. However, is the cost of transforming a monolith into a series of microservices worth it? There are arguments for the merits and sins of each, but what about microservices attracts so many companies and developers? The most common use case for switching to a ...

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When To Be Concerned About Concerns

When I wrote about good modules and bad modules, I mentioned that an indication of a “bad” module was when it was used to extract code for the sake of code extraction. This usually results in a module that is only being mixed into one class. When I published the article, I had lots of support from people intimately familiar ...

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