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Composable Go Services Using Libchan

With the increasing popularity of container technologies and microservices, a number of challenges have arisen around service discovery and scale. The separation principles of microservices, when applied to a fresh application at low scale, would be considered by many to be overengineering at its finest. Solving these challenges at an early, prototyping stage could mean a costly investment at a ...

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jQuery UI Datepicker Example

In this example, we’ll have a look at the datepicker widget of jQuery. The jQuery UI Datepicker is a highly configurable plugin that adds datepicker functionality to your pages. You can customize the date format and language, restrict the selectable date ranges and add in buttons and other navigation options easily. By default, the datepicker calendar opens in a small ...

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Why your web application is not a one-time investment

Creating a custom web application is a big investment for a small business. Getting it done requires a lot of work, starting with discussions about needs and specifications and followed by coding, demos and adjustments. It’s tempting to say that everything is be over and done after all this and that nobody should need to touch that piece of software ...

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How to Write Smoke Tests for an Ember Rails Stack

The following story shows the importance of smoke tests when writing an app using the Ember+Rails stack. It covers the most basic example, and even then things go awry. In addition, it shows an example of an end-to-end test and some of the difficulty in setting up an environment for smoke tests. Finally, it mentions exhaust, a library that can ...

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What Makes an Ideal Low Code App Development Platform?

The Current State of the Mobile Landscape If someone stepped forward a decade or two ago and claimed that, in the near future, we would all have pocket-sized touchscreen devices that acted as gateways to multiple technological feats such as browsing the internet at high speeds, playing graphics intensive games, hailing cabs, booking flights, scheduling restaurant reservations, and purchasing products, ...

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Javascript Close Window Example

This time we’re going to explain how to close a window, regardless of whether it has been opened by a script or not. Take a look! Closing the script-open window To close windows we have opened by a script we use the built-in Javascript method window.close(), which is also it’s full syntax, on which we all agree is really easy. ...

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The MongoDB Shell’s New CRUD API

We released the latest development version of MongoDB the other week. The official announcement focuses on bug fixes, but I’m much more excited about a new feature: the mongo shell includes the new CRUD API! In addition to the old insert, update, and remove, the shell now supports insertMany, replaceOne, and a variety of other new methods. Why do I ...

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jQuery AJAX Example

The aim of this example is to give you a full understanding of AJAX, which stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. Ajax is not a programming language or a tool, but a concept. Ajax is a client-side script that communicates to and from a server/database without the need for a postback or a complete page refresh. The best definition for ...

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How to use Rails Active Job

You’re always striving to give your users a better experience when they use your website or application. One of the most important ways to achieve this is by giving them quick server response times. In this article, we’ll explore how to use Rails Active Job to enable us to do this through the use of a queuing system. You can ...

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