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You don’t suck at learning

I suck at learning, I won’t be able to do this. I heard this as people were filling in for a introduction to fingerweaving class I was teaching last weekend. The students had varying levels of crafting skills, but all of them were total beginners as far as fingerweaving was concerned. Even then, everybody learned the basic pattern I was ...

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Bootstrap Navbar Example

The aim of this example is to show how to create a navbar using Bootstrap. Bootstrap is the world’s most famous front-end framework. Navbars are responsive meta components that serve as navigation headers for your application or site. They begin collapsed (and are toggleable) in mobile views and become horizontal as the available viewport width increases. Navbars are important part ...

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Test MongoDB Failure Scenarios With MockupDB

This is the fifth article in my series on “black pipe” testing. Traditional black box tests work well if your application takes inputs and returns output through one interface: the API. But connected applications have two interfaces: both the API and the messages they send and receive on the network. I call the validation of both ends a black pipe ...

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Bootstrap Grid Example

In this tutorial we’re considering a very fundamental concept of front-end frameworks, the grid system and we’re doing so using Bootstrap. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Bootstrap includes a responsive, mobile first fluid grid system that appropriately scales up to 12 columns as the device or ...

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Introducing the AngularJS AWESM Stack

I recently presented the AngularJS AWESM stack at the Atlanta Code Camp. This is a stack I’ve been using successfully for nearly four years now. It includes the following components: A is for AngularJS W is for ASP.NET Web API E is for Entity Framework S is for SQL Server M is for ASP.NET MVC Each component of the stack ...

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4 tactics to avoid procrastination and get started

Finishing a large project is hard. There are many shiny objects that grabs your attention and prevent you from getting to your goal. To be able to finish projects, you must be able to get a good amount of work done in the long term without being distracted. You’ll get a burst of motivation when you start something new, but ...

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WordPress functions.php Tutorial

When designing WordPress Themes, you might have wanted to customize a theme by adding your own set of functions to make it come closer to your wants and needs. You are not the only one, and the funny thing is, some of the functions you want to add, are also the ones I (or someone else out there in the ...

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jQuery appendTo Example

The aim of this example is to explain and use jQuery’s .appendTo() method. What this method does, basically, is insert every element in the set of matched elements to the end of the target. This method is the opposite of .prependTo() which inserts HTML elements at the beginning of the selected elements. This method is used to dynamically insert content ...

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