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CSS Cursor Pointer Example

In this example, we’ll go through the cursor property of CSS. More specifically, we’re going to exaplain the pointer property value. The cursor CSS property specifies the mouse cursor displayed when the mouse pointer is over an element. In the case of the pointer value, the cursor is a pointer and indicates a link. The cursor property in CSS controls ...

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Time Input Widget with AngularJS

I have been working with the AngularJS framework for a couple of years now. One of the features I love the most about Angular is the powerful directive system that allows you to extend and create your own HTML vocabulary. At one of my clients recently, there was a requirement for an HTML time input widget in which the user ...

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Preparing for Angular 2

I’m sure you heard about Angular 2 and that it will be totally different. Forget everything you know and start from scratch. Jokes apart, if you have taken a closer look you already know that, yes, it will be new, things will be different (as it’s mostly the case with new stuff), but many concepts will still be there. Well, ...

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CSS Gradient Background Example

The aim of this example is to create and style gradient backgrounds. Gradients are typically one color that fades into another, but in CSS you can control every aspect of how that happens, from the direction to the colors (as many as you want) to where those color changes happen. CSS gradients are new types of image added in the ...

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Running a Rails Development Environment in Docker

As we prepare our new Docker-based infrastructure for running your tests, we’d like to show you how you can use the same environment for development as well. Feel free to follow along as I demonstrate how to move a simple Rails applications into Docker during development. Suppose we have a (very) simple new Rails application: gem install rails bundler rails ...

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CSS Scrollbar Example

In this example, we will learn how to create and customize scrollbars. Scrollbars are elements of a webpage, most of the times untouched, with their default settings as their main function is to scroll the content up/down or left/right, else known as vertical scrollbar and horizontal scrollbar. When considering a normal webpage, when content extends beyond the end of the ...

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Minimalist programming for the web

I’m not the most minimalist person in real life: I always have a ton of things going on, be it gardening, cooking, crafting or coding projects. This is a pretty common plight for a programmer since we like to tinker. But when I code something for production and not as a toy project, I believe that minimalist is something important ...

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CSS Pseudo Class Example

In this example we are talking about CSS pseudo-classes concept. A CSS pseudo-class is a keyword added to selectors that specifies a special state of the element to be selected. For example :hover will apply a style when the user hovers over the element specified by the selector. A pseudo-class is used to define a special state of an element. ...

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Exploring the HTML5 Web Audio API: Filters

With the Web Audio API you can have advanced audio processing directly inside your browser. This API specifies a whole bunch of nodes you can use to create your audio processing pipeline. In a previous article I showed a number of these components, and how they can be used together to play back sound and visualize the results. In this ...

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