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Boostrap Dropdown Menu Example

In this example we’re considering Bootstrap dropdown menus. Sometimes referred to as a pull-down menu, drop-down list, or drop-down box, a dropdown menu is a list of items that appears when clicking on a button or text selection. For example, many programs have a “File” drop down menu at the top left of their screen. Clicking on the “File” text ...

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Continual Delivery of an AngularJS ASP.NET MVC Web API Entity Framework SQL App to Amazon AWS using Visual Studio Team Services

I know, that title is a mouthful. But that’s exactly what it is! A team at my company, iVision, has been working on an app using the AWESM stack for almost a year now. The app is structured like this: A SQL Database, tracked in source control as a database project A repository layer based on Entity Framework A REST-based ...

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jQuery get id example

The aim of this example is to show you how to get an element id using jQuery. The jQuery framework allows us to get an element id very easily. The element id must be unique in the HTML document. Getting it helps us in many situations like determining the pressed element or focused element in a page etc. The jQuery ...

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Architecting Rails Apps as Microservices

Rails apps come in many shapes and sizes. On the one hand, you have large monolithic applications where the entire application (admin, API, front-end, and all the work it needs to perform) is in a single place. On the other end of the spectrum, you have a series of microservices, all communicating with each other with the goal of breaking ...

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Black Pipe Testing A Connected Application In C

This is the fourth article in my series on “black pipe” testing. Here I describe testing libmongoc (the MongoDB C Driver) as a black pipe. Like any network client library, libmongoc cannot be fully tested as a black box. Traditional black box tests enter some input and check the output—this only validates one side of the system at a time. ...

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BackboneJS with Webpack: A lesson in optimization

Developing a large BackboneJS application presents a unique design problem. As developers, we like to organize our code so it is understandable, logical, and predictable. However, doing so can cause performance issues on the client side. In this blog I will discuss a handy tool I like to use for this purpose: Webpack. I’ll show it in action, how to use ...

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Bootstrap Table Example

The aim of this example is to show the various Bootstrap tables that you can use in your web projects. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know what a table is. Tables are used to represent a set of data systematically displayed, especially in columns. That makes it easier for us to see and understand each cell’s ...

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You don’t suck at learning

I suck at learning, I won’t be able to do this. I heard this as people were filling in for a introduction to fingerweaving class I was teaching last weekend. The students had varying levels of crafting skills, but all of them were total beginners as far as fingerweaving was concerned. Even then, everybody learned the basic pattern I was ...

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Bootstrap Navbar Example

The aim of this example is to show how to create a navbar using Bootstrap. Bootstrap is the world’s most famous front-end framework. Navbars are responsive meta components that serve as navigation headers for your application or site. They begin collapsed (and are toggleable) in mobile views and become horizontal as the available viewport width increases. Navbars are important part ...

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