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Python Threading / Concurrency Example

Threads are processes which run in parallel to other threads. In a utopian scenario, if you split a big process in 2 threads, these threads will run in parallel so it would take half the time. This is not true in most cases. Using CPython, there is a mutex that prevents multiple native threads from executing Python byte codes at ...

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Python: Squashing ‘duplicate’ pairs together

As part of a data cleaning pipeline I had pairs of ids of duplicate addresses that I wanted to group together. I couldn’t work out how to solve the problem immediately so I simplified the problem into pairs of letters i.e. A B (A is the same as B) B C (B is the same as C) C D ... ...

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Python Decorator Tutorial

Sometimes, we encounter problems that require us to extend the behavior of a function, but we don’t want to change its implementation. Some of those problems could be: logging spent time, caching, validating parameters, etc. All these solutions are often needed in more than one function: you often need to log the spent time of every http connection; you often ...

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My 3 steps process to learn new skills as a software developer

In my previous posts, I wrote about mapping your current skills, and using this knowledge to decide which skill you should learn next as a software developer. Once you’ve went through this, you should have found a few skills that are really worth investing your time and energy into, and have a good idea why you want to learn them. ...

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Top 10 Web Code Geeks posts for 2015

2015 is coming to its end; time surely flies away. This has been again a great year for Web Code Geeks. Our community continues to rapidly grow and attract web developers all over the world. We are now attracting almost 100,000 unique visitors per month. Thank you for your support on achieving this great milestone! Our insiders list has also ...

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jQuery getJSON example

The goal of this example is to show you how to use the jQuery .getJSON() method. The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a data interchanging format. JSON is a set of key/value pairs, the value may be a string, boolean, number, object or an array. As an example look at this personal information in json format: {"name":"maykel","age":25}. To get the ...

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Building Cross Model Search with Ember, Part II

In Part One of this two part series, we covered how to integrate Elasticsearch and Rails to query against multiple models. To illustrate this, we started a Rails app for an ecommerce store named Tember. It includes an Elasticsearch index made up of four different models using Toptal’s Chewy gem. Today we’re going to pick up where we left off ...

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