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Javascript Check Undefined Example

By now we all know that in Javascript we attach types to values and not variables, like in most other programming languages. One of these types is undefined. All variable declarations are initialized firstly with undefined, until we give them another value. When we don’t declare the variables, they just do not exist, but when we declare them and forget ...

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Introduction to Angular 2 – The fundamentals of Components

Although the internals of Angular 2 are still changing a lot, the public API for building components is already quite stable. In this post we will go through on how we can build components with this new version of Angular, based on some code examples (the code is available here). In this post we will learn the essentials of how ...

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Build a Minimal Docker Container for Ruby Apps

As a Ruby and Rails developer, I’ve always wanted to have a working and isolated environment for my projects, regardless if it’s a client project, some gem that I work on, or a pet project. Back in the day, I had always wanted to achieve this using Vagrant. However, whenever I tried to do it, I always ended up spending ...

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Night of the Living Style Guide

Nowadays, projects are becoming more and more complex. Especially when either taking over on a project or coming in on one that has already begun, it is extremely helpful to have solid documentation to get up-to-speed. A frequent tool for this is known as a style guide, a document that explains the branding and the color usage for a particular client or ...

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Testing in Go

This post is based on a presentation I gave for the Boston Go group in May. You can watch the video here For me, Go is like coming back to formal programming after the crazy world of Ruby for a little while. It reminds me of C with all the sharp corners sanded off; Go is such a simple language. ...

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CSS Radio Button Example

Ever wondered how to style checkboxes and radio buttons, but without JavaScript? Thanks to CSS3 you can! The aim of this example is to show the creation, modification and usage of radio buttons using HTML and CSS3. Radio buttons make it easier to select an item within a list of items that can be selected, simple as one click. Unlike ...

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Python: Converting WordPress posts in CSV format

Over the weekend I wanted to look into the WordPress data behind this blog (very meta!) and wanted to get the data in CSV format so I could do some analysis in R. I found a couple of WordPress CSV plugins but unfortunately I couldn’t get any of them to work and ended up working with the raw XML data ...

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CSS Cursor Pointer Example

In this example, we’ll go through the cursor property of CSS. More specifically, we’re going to exaplain the pointer property value. The cursor CSS property specifies the mouse cursor displayed when the mouse pointer is over an element. In the case of the pointer value, the cursor is a pointer and indicates a link. The cursor property in CSS controls ...

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Time Input Widget with AngularJS

I have been working with the AngularJS framework for a couple of years now. One of the features I love the most about Angular is the powerful directive system that allows you to extend and create your own HTML vocabulary. At one of my clients recently, there was a requirement for an HTML time input widget in which the user ...

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