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Javascript Close Window Example

This time we’re going to explain how to close a window, regardless of whether it has been opened by a script or not. Take a look! Closing the script-open window To close windows we have opened by a script we use the built-in Javascript method window.close(), which is also it’s full syntax, on which we all agree is really easy. ...

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The MongoDB Shell’s New CRUD API

We released the latest development version of MongoDB the other week. The official announcement focuses on bug fixes, but I’m much more excited about a new feature: the mongo shell includes the new CRUD API! In addition to the old insert, update, and remove, the shell now supports insertMany, replaceOne, and a variety of other new methods. Why do I ...

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jQuery AJAX Example

The aim of this example is to give you a full understanding of AJAX, which stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. Ajax is not a programming language or a tool, but a concept. Ajax is a client-side script that communicates to and from a server/database without the need for a postback or a complete page refresh. The best definition for ...

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How to use Rails Active Job

You’re always striving to give your users a better experience when they use your website or application. One of the most important ways to achieve this is by giving them quick server response times. In this article, we’ll explore how to use Rails Active Job to enable us to do this through the use of a queuing system. You can ...

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Javascript ParseInt / String-to-int Example

Let’s suppose you receive from the user of your site some data, in string form, which should be converted to integer before you use them again. For that, you can use the parseInt() function. But how can you do that exactly, and also reverse this action? Let’s see below. Syntax The parseInt() function takes a string and a base in ...

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Getting Up and Running With Foundation for Apps

I have been programming for 9 years now, mostly focused on Java EE development. One area that I’m always interested in exploring is front-end web development and web apps. One thing that interests me a lot on the front-end side of development are frameworks. A framework can give you everything you need to get up and running and prototyping. In this ...

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jQuery File Upload Example

The aim of this example is to give you the right knowledge about how you can achieve file upload with jQuery. Notice that this is not an easy task, and plugins are recommended to have non-surprising results. In particular, there is one famous and very used jQuery Plugin for file upload made public to GitHub by blueimp. They created a ...

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Developing Front-End Microservices With Polymer Web Components And Test-Driven Development (Part 5/5): Using Microservices

In the previous article we built two Web Components (tc-book-form and tc-books), learned how to change their style through properties, how to control them through exposed functions as well as how to connect them using custom events. We developed most of the code using Test-Driven Development approach. Both front-end Web Components and back-end server are packed into a single microservice ...

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jQuery Drag and Drop Example

The aim of this example is to explain and use drag and drop functionality with jQuery. Basically, in jQuery you can enable draggable functionality on any DOM element and move the draggable object by clicking on it with the mouse and dragging it anywhere within the viewport. Dragging and dropping can be a very intuitive way for users to interact ...

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