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Cindy is a programmer with over 5 years of experience developing web applications. She also works on Android applications and share her knowledge via her blog and on Twitter.

Charting data quickly with Chart.js in React

I’m working on a small weather station project, and I was looking for a way to plot the weather data quickly on a chart. My first idea was to use the big visualization libraries such as D3.js and Fabrics, but they were way too heavy to get started with for my needs. They can do everything, but I was just ...

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Create a Minimal Custom Gutenberg Block in WordPress

I’ve started playing with the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress, and the experience is a lot more modern than the old TinyMCE editor that’s been around for a good 15 years (and I’ve had blogs for almost that long!). Instead of editing all the content of the post at once, the Gutenberg editor works with blocks of content that can ...

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Are You Hard to Convince?

When discussing a new technology, I’m rarely the first one to jump on the bandwagon. In fact, I’m usually the killjoy that ends up arguing against using a new library or a new language feature when the enthusiasm is high and everybody is eager to get started. It’s not that I want to stay comfortable and never move forward. Rather, ...

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The joy of batching

The garden is winding down, so I need to can, freeze and otherwise preserve the harvest so it doesn’t go to waste. It’s a time-consuming task: a single batch of pickles takes a few hours, from slicing the cucumbers to processing the jars. Still, it’s a decent time investment since I like homemade pickles. It would not make sense to ...

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What you are is what you do

We define our work and our skills using various labels. Right now, I could say that I’m a software developer, a programmer, a product owner, a web developer, an Android developer and all those would be true. Still, those labels don’t tell you much about what I really do, or how much experience I have in each of those fields. ...

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Your job will never be done

As a software developer, you have to become comfortable with the fact that your work is never truly done. The software you create will always be a work in progress. When you code that last feature or fix that last bug, another one will pop up soon enough. Also, as you keep learning, you’ll find better patterns that you want ...

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What is the next step when learning a new skill?

Getting started with a new skill is hard, but the steps are clear. You’re completing a course or a tutorial , and someone else laid out a list of exercises you have to master as a beginner. But what can do after you’ve finished that first application to keep learning? How can you improve on that new skill instead of ...

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Simple code is beautiful

Despite the large number of languages and tools that will get thrown at you if you mention web development (Ruby! React! Node.js! AngularJS! Gulp! Python!), the simplest web application you can create includes HTML, CSS and a bit of JavaScript for the interactivity. You don’t even need to setup a web server: just open it in your browser or host ...

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