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Bootstrap Jumbotron Example

In this tutorial, I will guide you through using the Jumbotron component from Bootstrap. A typical use of the Jumbotron is to draw the user’s attention to specific information. We will see how we can create one and the various options for styling it. We will also explore the responsive behavior of the Jumbotron on different size viewports.     ...

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Partitioning Behavior of DynamoDB

This is the third part of a three-part series on working with DynamoDB. The previous article, Querying and Pagination with DynamoDB, focuses on different ways you can query in DynamoDB, when to choose which operation, the importance of choosing the right indexes for query flexibility, and the proper way to handle errors and pagination. As discussed in the first article, ...

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Why JWTs Suck as Session Tokens

Got 15 minutes? Learn how to build an Angular app with user login in less time than it takes to get a coffee. Try Okta + Angular for free today! Create a Free Developer Account! JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) are so hot right now. They’re all the rage in web development: Trendy? ✓ Secure? ✓ Scalable? ✓ Compact? ✓ JSON? ✓ With ...

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Bootstrap Image Slider Example

In this post we will look at the Bootstrap Carousel Component also known as Image Slider. This component is also available as an independent plugin as well. All that is required is adding the carousel.js file. But if the bootstrap.js or the minified version of it is included, there is no need for this file to be added. The bootstrap ...

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Get Up and Running with Azure CLI

Azure CLI provides you with one of the most convenient ways to work with Microsoft Azure resources. Here’s how to get up and running and how to use it most efficiently. As the name CLI says (Command Line Interface), Azure CLI allows you to execute Azure commands from any command line. Because it’s written in Node.js, it’s not tied to ...

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Bootstrap Expand Collapse Text Example

In this example we will take a look at implementing an Expand Collapse Text feature using Bootstrap Framework. Sometimes our content is large and we initially just want to show a teaser or heading and allow the user to decide whether to show the entire content. You must have seen such feature on news sites, wherein, just the headline and ...

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Capturing HTTP requests using BrowserMobProxy

1. BrowserMob Proxy Browsermob proxy is a developers utility that helps to monitor network traffic of a web application. It is a technology that is developed under the Selenium open source project. It is originally called andBrowser Mob is now a part of Neustar. A proxy is an (Apache 2.0 license) utility that can be used with Selenium or otherwise ...

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The Benefits of Continuous Integration in the Cloud

There are a large number of technologies and concepts that can dramatically improve software quality, while simultaneously reducing its development time, cost, and effort. The question, though, is which combination is the right one for both your organization and your project? Like so many topics, the answer to this one is, “It depends.” So today, I’m going to help whittle ...

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