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Build an SMS Groceries App with Ionic and Angular

In this article, we’re going to have a closer look at the Ionic Framework, which is a modern WEB-based platform for building mobile apps. That means you don’t need to have any knowledge about the mobile platforms to build real apps. Ionic is a full platform which evolved from a simple UI library. It’s a complete gateway for a web ...

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Getting Started With Ionic 2

These days, everyone wants to have an “App” to represent them, their company, or just to perform some common task they might have in mind. The problem with this is that there is so much to mobile app development. iPhone apps require that you have a Mac to compile them. Android apps have to deal with platform fragmentation. iPhone apps ...

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Ionic Framework – Mobile Hybrid Application Development

When I was developing our wedding application back in February, I was also trying to learn the ropes in AngularJS. It didn’t make sense for me to go with JQuery Mobile since, well I am learning angularjs. So I think through my options and ask, “Jquery mobile is essentially built in a javascript framework, is there an angularjs alternative?”. Luckily ...

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