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Oracle JET Common Model Factory Method to Consume REST Services

Previously I have posted about consuming web services in Oracle JET using jQuery method and using Oracle JET Common Model. I have seen Oracle JET Common Model Factory method in one of the blog and in MOOC course so tried same but because of some version change or problem it was not working as expected but I got a solution in OTN JET forum and sharing same here ...

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Populate Oracle JET table from JSON based REST Web Service

Before starting with this post first go through my previous post about using JET with JDeveloper. Here I am using the same JET nav drawer template application. In this post, we’ll see how to consume JSON based REST Web Service and populate data in Oracle JET table (oj-table) component We have URL of REST Web Service – http://dummy.restapiexample.com/api/v1/employees, it returns a list ...

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Part 2: Building a Flask RESTful API

This is the second of three posts about building a JSON API with Flask. Part 1 arrived yesterday and part 3 is arriving tomorrow. In the previous post we learned how to serialize SQLAlchemy models to/from JSON. Now let’s use that to build a RESTful JSON API with Flask. What is a RESTful API A RESTfu API is a website ...

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A Serverless REST API in Minutes with Serverless Framework

The Serverless Framework (previously known as JAWS) debuted several months ago and has been rapidly maturing to help engineers build scalable applications without the hassle of maintaining servers. The Framework relies exclusively on Amazon Web Services’ Lambda technology to run your code in the cloud. Lambda is unique in that it containerizes your code and auto-scales those containers for you, ...

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