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4 Web Development Video Courses to take your Career to the next Level

Keeping up with technical knowledge as a web developer can be tricky. New technologies seem to be popping up every day, and the fundamental ones also see a wave of re-iterations adding new features and capabilities.

What’s a Web developer supposed to do?

Here is where online education platforms come into play. They can be very useful in getting you up to speed with a technology and helping you bootstrap (pun intended) your own projects.

One of the most popular educational websites is Udemy. Udemy is a platform with an enormous range of courses, 30,000 at the moment and counting.

In this article we have handpicked some of the top-rated courses in the web and software development category to help you navigate the waters.

Please note that every Udemy course mentioned below comes with:

  • Lifetime access
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Certificate of completion

Here is the list of the courses:

1. The Web Developer Bootcamp
2. AngularJS: From Zero to Hero
3. Complete Python Bootcamp
4. The Complete Bootstrap Masterclass Course

Now, let’s dive into the details!

1. The Web Developer Bootcamp

Web Development Instructor for $14K+ Bootcamps Now Offering Online Course at Fraction of Cost


Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to sit in on a $14,000 web development bootcamp in San Francisco? Programming bootcamps are taking the world by storm, offering an intense interactive learning environment, and promising full-time employment to most graduates. People stuck in dead-end jobs, who regret their degree choices, or who just want to make a bold change and become a software engineer are drawn to the allure of the bootcamp experience.

For any aspiring web developers who have ever dreamed of attending a top-notch bootcamp, Udemy.com is offering the solution. The Web Developer Bootcamp is a comprehensive online course, taught by a real bootcamp instructor, with all the components of a web dev bootcamp.

The course welcomes beginners who want to jump-start their web development training, and move on to professional-level coding. It’s a transformative one-stop shop for learning everything you need to know to become a developer. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of topics ranging from Front-End Development, to Backend Workflow. Other topics include: Objects and Arrays in JavaScript, DOM Manipulation, Authentication, Git and Github. You’ll learn resume power tools like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, NodeJS, jQuery, and much more.

Instead of listening to an outdated instructor drone on and on uninterrupted, you’ll stay engaged through relevant exercises, research assignments, downloads, and code-alongs. Throughout the course, you’ll also complete over 13 projects, including: creating a photographer’s portfolio page, building a responsive landing page for a startup, and mastering the command line interface. Try your hand at building real web apps with multiple models and data associations, including a huge production app called YelpCamp.

This course is a living, breathing machine that’s constantly updated with new content as technologies develop and morph.

Instructor Colt Steele is a professional bootcamp instructor who has helped hundreds of people become web developers. In fact, 94% of his bootcamp students obtain full-time developer roles. Colt is a witty, engaging instructor who’s been known to throw in corny jokes here and there.

Enroll at a Discounted Rate!

The Web Developer Bootcamp normally costs $35, but you can enroll today for just $24 (that’s a whopping 30% off)!


2. AngularJS: From Zero to Hero

Developer Who Has Built Apps for Google Now Teaching AngularJS Online


The demand for developers who know their way around AngularJS is higher than ever, and still rising. This JavaScript framework developed by Google is the future of web development. Developers are wisely implementing AngularJS to make their sites more dynamic and responsive. Since websites are moving to a more client-side experience, AngularJS is the solution that can handle the complexity on the JavaScript portion of the site.

If you haven’t taken the time to learn it yet, AngularJS might be that missing piece of the puzzle that completes your skill set for becoming a hard-core Front End Developer. Udemy.com is now offering a course that might help you get a grasp on these complexities facing developers today. AngularJS: From Zero to Hero is an online course by Udemy.com that builds real-world knowledge you can start applying from day one.

Instructor Asim Hussain has built apps for giants like Google and the European Space Agency. He has a 1st class degree in Computer Science, and is now dedicated to teaching students how to be the most productive developer possible, by implementing “correct” functionality.

In this course, you’ll find out how to incorporate AngularJS into your current project, plus take advantage of hands-on learning and real-world examples to complement lectures. You should walk away from the course knowing how to build Single Page Applications using the uiRouter module, how to combine HTML and JS into reusable components called Directives, and how to perform http operations using the basic $http service and the more advanced ngResource module.

The course also walks you through how to submit and validate a form in AngularJS, creating a list application with searching and sorting, and debugging tips and tricks. You’ll discover how to interact with a REST API using ngResource in 5 lines of code, and how to implement infinite scroll, user feedback with spinners and toast messages. It’s all about hands-on learning if you want to retain it, and this course offers just that.

Enroll at a Discounted Rate!

AngularJS: From Zero to Hero normally costs $30, but you can enroll today for just $21 (that’s a whopping 30% off)!


3. Complete Python Bootcamp

A Data Scientist Shares His Real-World Knowledge in an Online Python Bootcamp


Are you an experienced programmer thinking about adding Python to your long checklist of languages? Or are you new to the world of programming and wondering if Python is a good place to start?

It might not be a bad idea. Python is a pretty simple and quick language to learn, which makes it appealing to beginners and experts alike. It’s a versatile, general-purpose language that can absolutely get the job done. It’s also a popular open-source language with plenty of support to be found.

According to Indeed.com, Python experts are in demand today more than ever. The programming language mysteriously named after Monty Python, Python is used by giants such as Google, Disney, Yahoo!, and IBM.

Whether you’re a beginning programmer, or are already programming in Python at an intermediate level, Udemy.com is offering a comprehensive online learning course entitled Complete Python Bootcamp that might be a great place to start. This course can help build the skills necessary to confidently list Python on your resume.

Designed with the feel of a live bootcamp, this course has already taken over 26,000 students from ground-level to Python pro. Through over 100 lectures, students learn how to use Python to solve real world problems, automate tasks, and create games. Topics range from Python Object and Data Structure Basics, to Methods and Functions, Object Oriented Programming, and Built-in Functions.

And it doesn’t just stop at lectures. The learning is reinforced with quizzes, tests, and homework, plus three projects to help you build a Python project portfolio. Each lecture includes a full coding screencast and a code notebook. So you can learn at your own pace, using the method that works best for you.

You’ll be learning from Instructor Jose Portilla, a data scientist with a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering. Jose has publications and patents out, and currently works as the Head of Data Science for a startup in Stealth Mode.

With this course, the learning never stops. You’ll get lifetime access to all course updates, making sure you stay abreast of the latest tips and tricks.

Enroll at a Discounted Rate!

Complete Python Bootcamp normally costs $30, but you can enroll today for just $21 (that’s a whopping 30% off)!


4. The Complete Bootstrap Masterclass Course

A Top-Rated Bootstrap Mastercourse Lets Your Polish Your Landing Page From Your Couch


Just about everyone has a website these days. The only businesses that stand a chance at getting noticed are the ones that offer that extra professional touch. The competition is getting fiercer, and with it, web developers have to stay a step ahead of the technology curve if they want to gain new business. Clients are demanding sleeker, fresher landing pages that will make their business stand out from the competition.

If you’re wanting to gain that edge that will make your work pop, you might want to look into expanding your understanding of Bootstrap and other web development tools. Udemy.com is offering a project-based online course entitled The Complete Bootstrap Masterclass Course – Build 4 Projects that can help you carve out a career as a web developer, or sharpen your existing skill set as a professional.

Over 22K students have already taken this course to learn how to create a sharp, professional bootstrap landing page for their business, app, portfolio, or blog by completing real projects. Students also learn to add scroll spy, animation and Google Webfonts to make their landing page that much more polished.

Other topics covered in this course include: customizing bootstrap, bootstrap components, glyphicon icons, and more. You’ll find out how to make your page look its best across all devices by learning grid system and media queries.

Instructor Joe Parys is one of Udemy’s top instructors, with over 110,000 students enrolled in his courses. Not only is he a motivational speaker, life coach, and entrepreneur, but he also coaches USA basketball and is a licensed psychology teacher. Parys travels the country inspiring students of all ages. Co-instructor Shahzaib Kamal has been a web developer since 2008, and has been teaching students since 2010.

Enroll at a Discounted Rate!

The Complete Bootstrap Masterclass Course normally costs $30, but you can enroll today for just $21 (that’s a whopping 30% off)!


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