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CouchDB Tutorial – Database for the Web

Course Overview

CouchDB, is an open source database that focuses on ease of use and on being “a database that completely embraces the web”. It is a NoSQL database that uses JSON to store data, JavaScript as its query language using MapReduce, and HTTP for an API. One of its distinguishing features is multi-master replication. CouchDB was first released in 2005 and later became an Apache project in 2008.

This is a hands-on course on CouchDB. You will learn how to install and configure CouchDB and how to perform common operations with it.

Additionally, you will build an example application from scratch and then finish the course with more advanced topics like scaling, replication and load balancing.

About the Author

Piyas is a Sun Microsystems Certified Enterprise Architect with more than 10 long years of professional IT experience in various areas such as Architecture Definition, Enterprise Application, Client-server/ e-business solutions. He possesses hands on experience to handle a wide range of databases ranging from PostGreSQL, SQL Server7.0/2000, Oracle 8i, 10g to Sybase, MySQL and NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

He learns and writes about different aspects of open source technologies like Angular.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Google DART, Apache Lucene, Text Analysis with GATE and related Big Data technologies in his blog (www.phloxblog.in).


CouchDb Installation – How to Install CouchDB

In the first lesson, you will learn how to install CouchDB on a variety of different platforms. A step by step guide will be provided for installing the NoSQL DB on Mac OS, Windows and Ubuntu Linux. For the more hardcore of you, the installation from sources if also included.

CouchDB: Basics and Operations

In this lesson, you will get introduced into the CouchDB fundamentals and the operations that accompany it. Initially, the web based interface Futon is discussed and then the various CRUD Operations are explained in detail. Examples of API commands referring to the Server, the Databases, the Documents and the Replication are provided. Finally, you will see how to work with documents and how to handle the different revisions of those.

CouchDB: Design documents

In this lesson, we will focus on Design documents, a special type of CouchDB document that contains application code. We will see how to use the relevant API to create, view, validate documents etc.

Building a Blog Application with CouchDB

In this lesson, we will build a blog application using the Javascript based Web Server Node.js along with CouchDB. For this purpose, we will use the swig client side javascript template engine, Node.js for server side development, middleware handling with express.js, CouchDb as the database and the Node.js Cradle Module Extension (to achieve communication with CouchDB).

Deploying and Optimizing CouchDB

In this lesson, we will explore some more advanced concepts, such as scaling our CouchDB server, performing replication, load balancing and clustering. Finally, we will see how to perform load testing using the Tsung framework.

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Piyas De

Piyas is Sun Microsystems certified Enterprise Architect with 10+ years of professional IT experience in various areas such as Architecture Definition, Define Enterprise Application, Client-server/e-business solutions.Currently he is engaged in providing solutions for digital asset management in media companies.He is also founder and main author of "Technical Blogs (Blog about small technical Know hows)"
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osama abushama
osama abushama
8 years ago

Is it possible to have the article as PDF or Word Doc for download as reference


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