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Here at Web Code Geeks we know how much you love books about programming; we are geeks ourselves. After all, a programmer that respects himself should always have his face in a book, ...

Web-components like AngularJS directives

As you may already know web components consist out of a set of technologies which are combined to create a custom element for use in your HTML markup. The main additions, as described ...

Do all business logic on the client using JavaScript?

History look The first applications were running on “the” computer. There was nothing like “client” and “server”. There was the computer and the punch card input, printer ...

New Features in AngularJS 1.3

Now that Angular 1.3 has been officially released, I thought I would talk about some of the new features that developers would like to know, to include:Performance improvements One-time ...

Javascript Date Format Example

As different countries use different date formats, the need to format them differently now has a solution in almost all programming languages and frameworks. Some of them use special ...

Ext JS – Caching AJAX Responses to HTML5 Web Storage for Better Performance

This post shows how you can improve performance of your Ext JS applications by using a “Caching AJAX Proxy”. This proxy saves URL responses to HTML5 Web Storage (e.g. session ...

Promises vs Callbacks – Code comparison

I am not going to highlight pros of promises and cons of callbacks. There is plenty of good reading about this topic out there. I was recently writing simple Node module and decided ...

Learning Angular: What is the scope of your directive?

This might create quite some debugging headaches, especially in a larger application. Things don’t bind properly, have different data on the scope than you’d expect etc.. ...

Real-time Profiling a MongoDB Sharded Cluster

In a sharded cluster of replica sets, which server or servers handle each of your queries? What about each insert, update, or command? If you know how a MongoDB cluster routes operations ...

Make Me a Promise

If you haven’t worked with JavaScript in over a decade, you might be surprised at the advances that have been made in this language. At one time, JavaScript was used mainly for swapping ...
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