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Efficiently Paging Geospatial Data With MongoDB

From release 2.6, MongoDB includes a new minDistance option for geospatial queries. This is exciting because it lets you page through geospatial results very efficiently, and because ...

ngEurope: about AngularJS 1.3, new router and the future 2.0

Being passionate about AngularJS, me and two fellow JDriven colleagues visited the ngEurope conference. The amount of presentations during ngEurope was somewhat overwhelming, especially ...

JavaScript Submit Form Example

Submit forms are everywhere these days, and usually done with jQuery. This time we’ll teach you how to build them using JavaScript’s submit() function, which keeps form ...

JavaScript Sort Array Example

Array sorting is a key development technique applied in a variety of situations. Below we’ll show you exactly how to use it, be it sorting an array of numbers, names or structures, ...

An Introductory Analysis of CoffeeScript

For the last six months, I have been working a project that exclusively uses CoffeeScript for both the front end and back end. That being said, I have had a lot of CoffeeScript on my ...

RIP AngularJS! Oh Sorry, RIP scope, ng-controller, DDO, jqLite and whatever you like in AngularJS

I am  Software Developer, specifically Java Developer, spending most of the time writing back-end part of the applications. I can write basic HTML/JavaScript/CSS stuff to get the things ...

JavaScript String Compare example

Comparing strings is a very common operation for most developers, be the language they use JavaScript, C/C++, Java, whatever. To be honest, the programming language doesn’t even ...

JavaScript Tutorial Through Katas: Mars Rover

A programming kata is an exercise which helps a programmer hone his skills through practice and repetition. The article assumes that the reader is familiar with the basic usage of JavaScript ...

Getting started with JSON-P

I have during my college days used XMLHttpRequest object and its equivalent in Microsoft world to make Ajax calls and those Ajax calls were to the URL within the same domain. But with ...

Javascript copy to clipboard example

If you use any scripts for syntax highlighting, then you have seen that most of them have “copy to clipboard” as an option. And now you want to use that in your next project. ...
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