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Phillip Shipley is the IT Applications Development manager at SIL International, Inc. He spends the majority of his work time developing web applications and has a particular passion for APIs and integration. When he’s not building software, he’s probably building LEGO with his son.

Service Resources for Your Terraformed Docker Environment

In Part II of this series, we defined and applied our shared infrastructure. Today we’ll continue where we left off and define an actual Docker service to run on that infrastructure. Service Resources Declaration To keep this tutorial as simple as possible, for my service I am just going to run a web interface for the RDS database instance. This ...

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Shared Resources for Your Terraformed Docker Environment on AWS

In Part 1 of this series, we laid the groundwork for Terraforming infrastructure on Amazon. Today we’ll define our actual infrastructure consisting of networks, servers, etc. Have fun! Shared Resources Declaration Since our service depends on underlying resources like the VPC and EC2 instances, we’ll create the shared environment first. Make sure you’re in the my-terraform-environment/shared/ folder before proceeding. We’ll ...

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Terraforming Your Docker Environment on AWS

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been using Amazon’s EC2 Container Service (ECS) to run our Docker applications. I’ve been mostly happy with the service and after working through all the hurdles of getting started, I’m pretty comfortable running multiple ECS clusters with dozens of services spread across several VPCs. While Amazon lowers the barrier to entry for cloud ...

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Demystifying Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment

For some, the practice of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery/deployment (CD) is part of daily life and comes as second nature. However, as I learned while attending a couple of conferences recently, there are still many who aren’t utilizing any form of automated testing, let alone CI/CD. Those not already practicing CI/CD expressed the desire to but either didn’t ...

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