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I'm a senior web architect. Passionated by new technologies, programming, devops tools, and agile methodologies. I really enjoy to coach, or teach, people who wants to learn programming, from beginners to skilled programmers. Involved in local developer communities, Java User Group, PHP User Group, or Javascript User Group, i like to share with others about experiences, news or business. Coding is FUN !

HTML5 AutoComplete Example

In this article I will show you an example on how to create an autocomplete input using HTML5. First I will present you what HTML5 added to create autocomplete fields. Then we will create a real example, with data loaded from a server request (aJax). 1. Elements and attributes 1.1 The autocomplete attribute IMPORTANT : This attribute is not used ...

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HTML5 Color picker example

In this article I will show you how to create a Color Picker using HTML5 Canvas API. I’ll first present you the API we’ll use. Then we’ll create a “color picker” you can reuse in your applications. This article will not present the use of the new <input type="color" />. 1. Introduction The way to create a color picker is ...

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HTML5 Input Types Example

If you are developing web applications, you may have created forms, at least for a contact page, or even a login page. So I suppose you should know how to create a form, and the major field you can add such as text element, password field, or other checkboxes and radio buttons. Of course you will add a submit button ...

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HTML5 Web Camera Example

In this article I’ll present you how to use and access the visitor Web Camera. First we will present the API, then we will see an example to explain the HTML5 API usage.               1. The history The specification of the API that allows web pages to interact with user (visitor) camera (and/or microphone) ...

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HTML5 websocket example

In this article I will present you the WebSocket feature of HTML5. We will first describe the API with small examples, then I’ll try to create a small app using the API.                 1. Presentation WebSocket will allow you to create a full connection to a server, this will allow the server to ...

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HTML5 Navigation Bar Example

In this article we will present you a way for creating an HTML5 navigation bar. We will only use CSS and no JavaScript. Let’s see how this can be done! 1. The nav Tag The <nav /> Tag is one of the new elements introduced in the HTML5 Specification, this element represents a part of your document that contains links ...

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HTML5 Offline Web Application Example

In this example we will talk about writing an Offline Web Application. Offline ? Sounds weird, doesn’t it ? HTML5 allows us to create a “list” of files accessible after the browser is disconnected. The browser will always have to download the main HTML file and all the files in this “list” at least once. Let’s see how this works. ...

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HTML5 Audio Player Example

In this example we will present you how to use the HTML5 Audio Player. First, we’ll present the <audio /> tag and its attributes, for a quick audio integration in your HTML documents. And, then we will continue with more advanced usage using JavaScript to interact with the HTMLMediaElement. 1. The minimal example In order to allow your users to ...

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HTML5 File Upload Example

EDITORIAL NOTE: In this post, we feature a comprehensive HTML5 File Upload Example. Today I’ll explain how to use HTML 5, to read information about file(s) selected by users, and to upload the file(s) on a server. The FileApi is one of the most interesting features added with HTML 5. Now we can display file(s) information before they are uploaded on the server, ...

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