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HTML5 Offline Web Application Example

In this example we will talk about writing an Offline Web Application. Offline ? Sounds weird, doesn’t it ? HTML5 allows us to create a “list” of files accessible after the browser is disconnected. The browser will always have to download the main HTML file and all the files in this “list” at least once. Let’s see how this works. ...

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Python Tutorial: Strings Datatype

Data stored in memory can of different types and Python like other languages have different standard data types. Sometime back we did a post on Python Numbers. Today we will be covering other standard datatypes i.e. Strings. Note: All examples shown in the post are based on python3. Like other languages, python also has the same meaning/definition for Strings. They are ...

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HTML5 Graphics and Animation Example

Introduction Animation is the visualization of change, having reference points for the start and end states for comparison. Before HTML 5, it was limited to usage of Adobe Flash, CSS and JavaScript mostly. In this tutorial we will introduce the HTML canvas element and the requestAnimationFrame function in JavaScript to help us create simple animations. The HTML canvas element (introduced ...

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Real-time Communication in AngularJS with ($Q)orlate

This post introduces the lightweight ($Q)orlate library. A popular type of engagement that iVision is hired for is the architecture assessment. For assessment projects we analyze the existing system, weigh our own experience, industry standards and best practices against what we find, then provide feedback and a potential road map to iterate towards a desired solution. I’ve participated in everything ...

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Python: Find the highest value in a group

In my continued playing around with a How I met your mother data set I needed to find out the last episode that happened in a season so that I could use it in a chart I wanted to plot. I had this CSV file containing each of the episodes:             I started out by ...

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Real-Time Website Data Using SignalR

When I was tasked with using SignalR to implement the real-time updating of data on a project I was working on, I was excited. Namely because it is a newer technology and I have always welcomed learning new technologies – especially when there is an immediate need to implement it, as opposed to reading about the technology and then never ...

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Render Markdown in Rails with Redcarpet and SmartyPants

Rendering Markdown in your Rails app is pretty simple, thanks to the Redcarpet gem. We’ll set up a helper to render markdown in our views.                     First, add the following to your Gemfile and then run bundle install: Now, let’s create a helper to render markdown in our views: The ||= ...

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JavaScript Closures: Pass parameters to callbacks

Many JavaScript libraries allow to define callbacks. We often need to pass various parameters oder some context from outside to the same callbacks. JavaScript Closures makes it possible. The idea is to define two functions – one outer and one inner which acts as callback. The outer function can take parameters and pass them to the inner function. Thanks to ...

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