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The Controversy Behind The Walrus Operator in Python

If you haven’t heard, Python 3.8 features a rather controversial new operator called the walrus operator. In this article, I’ll share some of my first impressions as well as the views from all sides. Feel free to share some of your thoughts as well in the comments. Understanding the Walrus Operator Recently, I was browsing, and I found a ...

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How to install Anaconda or Miniconda in Colab

Colab is the Google’s platform for working with Python notebooks and practice Deep Learning using different frameworks. It is a powerful platform, there is availability of GPUs or TPUs, it allows to use your Google Drive space for notebooks and data, has a friendly user interface and lots of useful features, but in order to install/update Python packages, it comes ...

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Flutter App Automation Using Appium Flutter Driver

Flutter has been creating waves in the app development space since its launch. The reason is simple, it solves the problem of creating two different codebases for a single app to run on Android and iOS devices. Some experts say that Flutter which was launched by Google is to counter React Native which is used by Facebook. Nevertheless, this is ...

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Create a Minimal Custom Gutenberg Block in WordPress

I’ve started playing with the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress, and the experience is a lot more modern than the old TinyMCE editor that’s been around for a good 15 years (and I’ve had blogs for almost that long!). Instead of editing all the content of the post at once, the Gutenberg editor works with blocks of content that can ...

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How to Print on the Same Line in Python: Print and Write

As someone who teaches a lot of beginner programming content, I occasionally stumble upon questions like “how do you print on the same line in Python?” Luckily, I have an answer to that! In short, there are two main ways to print on the same line in Python. For Python 2, use the following print syntax: print "Williamson",. For Python ...

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