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CSS Multiple Classes Example

In this example we are going to have a look at multiple classes that you can apply on an element of html. It has become more and more useful declaring some standard classes in CSS (actually referring to them, even though they do not exist) and using these classes whenever we need in our elements. It basically is the inverse ...

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Javascript History Back Example

Everyone who has ever used a computer knows what the Back Button is. We’ve seen it in browsers, apps, everywhere. It is claimed to be the second most used navigation feature again, and according to Mozilla, it is their most clicked Firefox button. If users (and you too) find this feature this useful, why in the world would you not ...

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Declarative Beats Imperative: Transforming Data In JavaScript

The product I am working on is a fairly typical web application, based on React.js and Node.js. Its main task is to fetch data from different REST-ish services, combine them, and present them in an attractive manner to users. This data extraction and transformation – keeping only the items and properties we care about and structuring them in a way ...

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CSS Table Design Example

The aim of this example is to show how you can create tables with HTML and style them with CSS, including specific and various examples. Since web pages are loaded with a lot of information, it sometimes becomes a neccesity organising data in a more easy-to-read and intuitive way. That is where CSS can be of great help. Below you can find ...

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Did AngularJS Borrow Some Concepts from JSF?

Since added support for Bootstrap and AngularJS, I have been using these frameworks a lot. Many years ago I have been using and teaching JSF and RichFaces frameworks. Surprisingly (or not), I see some concept similarities between AnguarJS and JSF. Obviously AngularJS and JSF are very different frameworks, but they do share some concepts. Let’s look at a simple ...

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Angular.js Controller Example

Hello! In today’s example we ‘ll see how do Angular’s controllers work. To get into this, I chose a simple form concept, where the user is prompt to insert his username. This updates an informative message (i.e. “Your username is “); I’ll also include a reset button, for demonstration purposes. 1. Required Background Before getting into the technical part of ...

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Javascript document.write() example

In this article we’ll consider some examples of using document.write() method. This method is commonly used for testing and dynamically generating page content while it’s loading. It’s a fast way to modify the document and may be used as an alternative to other approaches which are more suitable when the DOM is completely ready. Take a look at one small ...

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