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Python: Converting WordPress posts in CSV format

Over the weekend I wanted to look into the WordPress data behind this blog (very meta!) and wanted to get the data in CSV format so I could do some analysis in R. I found a couple of WordPress CSV plugins but unfortunately I couldn’t get any of them to work and ended up working with the raw XML data ...

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The Clash of Template and Delegate Patterns

Back in my delegate decorator article, I mentioned some weaknesses of the delegate pattern as a substitute to inheritance. The decorator solved one of those problems, but the other is still a problem. The problem comes when using something akin to the template pattern.             The Problem For example, if you have this class: class ...

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Strategy Pattern Sans Objects and Functions

As many of my readers will likely know, my favorite design pattern is the Decorator Pattern, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned what my second favorite pattern is. This is understandable, as I have a difficult enough time picking favorites usually, let alone second favorites. Well, my second favorite is sort of a toss up between the Factory Pattern and ...

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Python Decorator for Simplifying Delegate Pattern

Recently, I posted about how you can use composition instead of inheritance, and in that article, I mentioned the Delegate Pattern. As a quick description, the pattern has you inherit from the parent interface (or, in Python, you can just implement the protocol), but all the methods either redirect to calling the method on an injected implementation of interface/protocol, possibly ...

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Python: Refactoring to iterator

Over the last week I’ve been building a set of scripts to scrape the events from the Bayern Munich/Barcelona game and I’ve ended up with a few hundred lines of nested for statements, if statements and mutated lists. I thought it was about time I did a bit of refactoring. The following is a function which takes in a match ...

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Read-Only Properties in Python

Python descriptors are a fairly powerful mechanic, especially for creating properties. The built-in property descriptor/decorator works very well for defining properties, but they have a small weakness in my eyes: it doesn’t have defaults for simple usage. Yes, not supplying the property class with all methods does have the decent default of not allowing that usage, but I mean that ...

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Python: Selecting certain indexes in an array

A couple of days ago I was scrapping the UK parliament constituencies from Wikipedia in preparation for the Graph Connect hackathon and had got to the point where I had an array with one entry per column in the table. import requests   from bs4 import BeautifulSoup from soupselect import select   page = open("constituencies.html", 'r') soup = BeautifulSoup(page.read())   ...

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Explicit Currying in Python

Last week, I talked about currying a little bit, and I’ve been thinking about how one could do in languages that don’t have it built in. It can be done in Java, but the type of even a two-parameter function would be something like Function<Integer, Function<Integer, Integer>>, which is bad enough. Imagine 3- or 4-parameter functions. There’s also the fact ...

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