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Migrating Spring Web MVC from JSP to AngularJS

Target Audience This article is written for Spring Web MVC developers who are familiar with JSP development and who would like to understand how to migrate to a client side Javascript framework like AngularJS. Sample Pet Clinic for reference An example of a Spring Pet clinic application that we have tried to revamp as an AngularJS app with an updated ...

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Javascript Typeof Example

When writing code in whatever programming language, you will inevitably have to deal with different types of variables and treat them accordingly. What happens when you are not the one who defines your variables type? Let’s have a look!                 Typeof syntax typeOf can be used in two ways: as a function and ...

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JavaScript Objects from a Java Developer Perspective

One of the challenges for Java developers learning and applying JavaScript is the very different interpretations each language has of “objects.” I find it much easier to context switch between Java and languages such as Groovy, Ruby, Python, C#, and C++ than switching context between Java and JavaScript. The other languages’ class-based approach to object-orientation is similar enough that their ...

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HTML5 Checkbox Example

In this example, we shall take a closer look at how we can create and style checkbox elements with HTML5 markup and CSS3 styling. Creating checkboxes will be needed when you want to present the user a set of options they can choose from, which is most likely in surveys. First we take a basic approach to the html element ...

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Python: Selecting certain indexes in an array

A couple of days ago I was scrapping the UK parliament constituencies from Wikipedia in preparation for the Graph Connect hackathon and had got to the point where I had an array with one entry per column in the table. import requests   from bs4 import BeautifulSoup from soupselect import select   page = open("constituencies.html", 'r') soup = BeautifulSoup(   ...

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CSS Inheritance Example

In this example, we’ll focus on a css property value that I guess many of you ignore (do not use) while styling elements on websites. It is inherit. Before we go straight into that, know the following: Each element in HTML is part of a ‘tree’, and every element (except the initial html element) has a parent element that encloses ...

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JavaScript Tutorial – Part 3: Variable Scope and Closures

Previous Tutorial: JavaScript Tutorial – Part 2: Variables, Functions, and Objects Naming is one of the hardest problems in programming. Since there are many things to decide when creating a program, programmers tend to use the same name for variables in many places. And because JavaScript is a very “promiscuous” language, this can cause serious bugs that can be very ...

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Javascript forEach Example

Very often we run in cases when we just have a collection of elements and a necessity to loop through it. EcmaScript5 suggests a simple forEach() method for such purpose. So, if you’re tired of writing countless for (var i = 0; i < arr.length; ++i) loops, let’s look how it works.               For ...

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Javascript String Length Example

When writing code that has to do with strings and you need to know it’s length, or even find out if your variable is an empty one, you can get this information by finding out how long exactly this string is. Here’s how:                   String length One of the most important built-in ...

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