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Thodoris is an Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer and currently works as a Junior Software Developer, for Intrasoft International S.A. He holds a diploma at Informatics & Telecommunications Engineering and is interested in continuous development.

Angular.js Custom Directives Example

1. Introduction In a previous example we talked about the transclusion concept, in terms of Angular directives. 1.1 What are Directives? But, what are directives in Angular.js? 1.1.1 A definition In general, directives is one of the reasons that Angular.js is famous today. They are essentially custom HTML tags and attributes that you can create to do anything one can ...

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Angular.js Transclusion Example

There is a myth that wants transclusion to be a hard concept to understand and manage, according to Angular.js. So, for today, we’ll wear the hat of Mythbusters, by displaying several simple examples of transclusion in Angular.js. 1. Introduction First things first, which means that we have to understand the term itself, in order to delve into tougher/technical questions that ...

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Angular.js Grid Example

We all know that Angular is the most famous JavaScript framework, at this time and one of the main reasons that lead it to the top is that it provides many modules, ready to ease your development effort. So, what about tables? Is there any angular module, in order to avoid using the old-stylish HTML markup? 1. Introduction Obviously, there ...

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Angular.js ng-src Example

Hi there! Today we ‘re gonna see how to include images in our Angular applications. 1. Introduction In plain HTML, we use the <img> tag to insert an image to our site. For example, this could be a sample image insertion:       <img src="image.png" alt="A sample image" height="64" width="64"> Now, in terms of Angular.js and image insertion, one ...

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Angular.js Table Example

Hi there! Today we ‘ll examine a simple table solution, using the Angular.js framework. Suppose we want to display a list of persons, accompanied with their hobbies, in the gentle packaging of an HTML table. Let’s see the way over it!               1. Introduction If you ‘re not enough experienced with Angular, you should ...

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Angular.js JSON Fetching Example

Hello there! Today’s example’s about displaying data from a JSON file to an Angular.js application.                     1. Introduction 1.1 What is JSON JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. JSON is a text format ...

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Angular.js Data Binding Example

Hey! Today we ‘ll see how we can easily update our angular views, using ngModel. To begin with, according to angular applications, data-binding is the automatic synchronization of data between the model and view components (for those that didn’t get this at all, please take a look over the MVC pattern). Regarding Angular’s implementation, the view is a projection of ...

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Angular.js Controller Example

Hello! In today’s example we ‘ll see how do Angular’s controllers work. To get into this, I chose a simple form concept, where the user is prompt to insert his username. This updates an informative message (i.e. “Your username is “); I’ll also include a reset button, for demonstration purposes.               1. Required Background ...

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Angular.js Routing Example

Hey geeks! Today’s example is related with routing in AngularJS. What I firstly found out, while searching over the net for similar resources, is that there isn’t yet any simple example, suitable for an Angular newbie. So, I’ll try to keep today’s post as simple as I can.                 1. What is routing ...

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