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Communication between Angular Controller and Directive

Since I had issues finding a good explanation on how to tie together a controller and a directive with isolated scope I decided to create my own blog post on this subject. This repo contains a runnable example of the solution. It contains a Spring Boot Web Application that can be started to act as a HTTP server but all the ...

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Javascript Array Length Example

Every programmer learning a new language has to study the way it manages arrays and their size. In native Javascript, length is a property of every array and obviously it is used to retrieve or set the length of that array. The length property is a part of the Array prototype and may be a non-negative integer less then 232. ...

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Python: matplotlib hangs and shows nothing (Mac OS X)

I’ve been playing around with some of the matplotlib demos recently and discovered that simply copying one of the examples didn’t actually work for me. I was following the bar chart example and had the following code: When I execute this script from the command line it just hangs and I don’t see anything at all. Via a combination of ...

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CSS Text Shadow Example

Ever felt chaotic about text going into unsuitable button colors, boxes or simply sitting inside a bad contrast in the page? Well, it’s probably because you’ve used colors that won’t match to give a good view of the text, (e.g make it readable). With CSS, it is very easy to solve this using the text-shadow property to enhance the text ...

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Javascript Array Push Example

There are times when you’ve been coding for too long and you don’t remember where exactly did you initialize your array type variable. If you’re too lazy or too strapped for time to search for it and add another element, then you have the means to do that right then and there, without any effort. The following shows you how. ...

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Getting started with the Loneman’s Coder Methodology

I’ve embarked on a side project to develop an event scheduler without much planning, but every good software project needs a methodology. Since no methodology I know really suits what I’m doing, and because the world of software really needs yet another methodology, I’ll share mine here. This methodology will be called the Loneman’s Coder Methodology in the spirit of ...

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PyMongo And Key Order In Subdocuments

Or, "Why does my query work in the shell but not PyMongo?" Variations on this question account for a large portion of the Stack Overflow questions I see about PyMongo, so let me explain once for all. MongoDB stores documents in a binary format called BSON. Key-value pairs in a BSON document can have any order (except that _id is ...

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Mapping Salesforce Object fields to Drupal Taxonomy terms

The Salesforce Suite module for Drupal synchronizes Salesforce Objects with Drupal Content Types on a one-to-one, field-to-field basis. However, it doesn’t map an Object’s fields to a Content Type’s Taxonomy terms. After laying out a use case, I’ll share my working solution. Example Let’s say you want to replicate Salesforce Contact Objects as instances of a Drupal Content Type. The ...

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CSS Button Style Example

In this article, we’re going through CSS Buttons. As we all know, buttons are important elements on pages and we use them to visually beautify common actions like download, upload, log in/out, submit and so on. A good button design enhances usability. Before we explain how to style buttons, keep in mind that buttons are not links. The main purpose ...

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