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“Cook” it and “Pre Hook” it

“Cook” it and “Hook” it, wow !! that is a nice line :). Well jokes apart, hello bloggers and blog seekers, it’s been a long while I have set hands on my site writing again. Well, I was having a group training session in my organization where my fellow colleague Bony Roopchandani who explained us the concepts of “Hook” and the ...

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AngularJS Data Bindings Example

Hello readers, data binding in an angular library is a data synchronization process between the Model and the View components. In this tutorial, we will see how data binding works in the angular library. 1. Introduction Binding of data is an important feature in the UI technology. The data binding acts as a communication medium between the Model and the ...

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Rust for Java Devs – Creating functions

In this post of Rust for Java Devs we will look at creating functions in Rust. Functions in Rust do not differ that much from Java methods but there are a few little differences. There is also the topic of Rust’s lifetimes compared to Java’s garbage collection that one could argue separates the two from each other a bit more, ...

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Understanding Rust Loops

When you come from another language to learn Rust, some things may come across the same, but many things will be very different. Writing Rust loops can have the appearance of familiarity, but behind the scenes, Rust is translating those loops to its own syntax. If you learn that style for yourself, you will find Rust loops to be far ...

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AngularJS Accordion Example

Hello readers, accordions are the HTML components used to expand and collapse the content divided into different sections. In this tutorial, we will see how to make the accordion tabs in the angular framework. 1. Introduction 1.1 What is AngularJS? AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC or Model-View-Controller framework developed by Google that lets developers build well structured, easily testable, and ...

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AngularJS Ajax Call Example

Hello readers, in this basic example, developers are going to call the Ajax in the angular framework while reading the data from the server. 1. Introduction AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC or Model-View-Controller framework developed by Google that lets developers build well structured, easily testable, and maintainable front-end applications. The angular library provides multiple out-of-box services and angular ajax is ...

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Node.js HTTP Request Example

In this post we take a look at how to make HTTP Requests with Node.js. This feature is key and important capability for a server side language. With Node.js being positioned as one of the best options for aggregating multiple services and high throughput due to its non blocking I/O operations, it is an important feature to learn about. So ...

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The AppD Approach: Using Flame Graphs to Debug Node.js Apps

Discover faster, more efficient performance monitoring with an enterprise APM product learning from your apps. Take the AppDynamics APM Guided Tour! In my day job, I work to help people understand performance and reliability issues in distributed applications across a number of different technologies including Java, .NET, and Node.js. A few years ago, I started to see a rise in ...

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GraphQL as an API Gateway to Microservices

GraphQL was released to the public back in 2015, and like an animal raised in captivity, its first steps out in the wild were timid and went largely unnoticed. By now, however, it has garnered some major buzz, and with good reason: it solves some of the trickiest problems that are inherent in standard REST API architecture. Specifically, GraphQL allows ...

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