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Laravel and Dusk on Codeship

Some time back, I posted on how to set up Laravel and Behat using Selenium and headless Chrome. But since that article, a new option has come into view — Dusk. This has several advantages over Behat. For one, the install is greatly simplified. On top of that, the speeds and simplicity in testing the UI and JavaScript have all ...

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AppDynamics Partners with Apica So DevOps Teams Can Ensure Flawless Application Performance

Discover faster, more efficient performance monitoring with an enterprise APM product learning from your apps. Take the AppDynamics APM Guided Tour! IDG research* suggests nearly a third of employees who resolve disruptions reside in application development teams. These developers are regularly challenged to deliver business critical applications that provide the best possible user experience with high reliability. While there are ...

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Kaitai Web IDE on Windows and Linux

A Guide to Kaitai Web IDE This post is a continuation of my previous post about Kaitai Struct DSL language for description of binary data formats. This post will describe how to download Kaitai Web IDE and run it locally as a web application and  also how to build and run it. Prerequisites If you are interested to run Kaitai ...

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3 Different Ways to Provide Docker Build Context

One of the powerful things about Docker is that it is possible for someone to use Docker every day without ever having to create their own custom container. In today’s article, we are going to explore a few uncommon ways to build a Docker container. The docker build command has many options that can be considered uncommon or only used ...

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Parsing HTML: A Guide to Select the Right Library

HTML is a markup language with a simple structure. It would be quite easy to build a parser for HTML with a parser generator. Actually, you may not need even to do that, if you choose a popular parser generator, like ANTLR. That is because there are already available grammars ready to be used. HTML is so popular that there ...

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WebRTC Leak Prevent Example

In this post, we will discuss what WebRTC Leak is and how to mitigate the risks posed by it. WebRTC is a set of APIs that allow peer to peer connections without the need of a relaying server in between. Without an intermediary in between, this connection allows real-time communications between the peers. Since the concern was raised about leak ...

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Using gRPC in Python

gRPC is an HTTP/2-based Remote Procedure Call (RPC) framework that uses protocol buffers (protobuf) as the underlying data serialization framework. It is an alternative to other language-neutral RPC frameworks such as Apache Thrift and Apache Arvo. In the first part of this series on using gRPC in Python, we will implement a gRPC service in Python. Our gRPC service will ...

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Does GraphQL Reduce the Need for Documentation?

Before we begin, note that this post isn’t intended as an introduction to GraphQL. For a beginner’s guide, I suggest Derek Haynes’ Codeship post or As a technical writer, I was intrigued by the claim that GraphQL reduces the time you need to spend on documenting an API and reduces the amount of documentation your application needs. I wanted ...

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How to create a Google Drive App in Flask

This is the first in a series of articles for web programmers that explain in detail about using the Google Drive API in your web applications to access files/folders on behalf of the users of your application. In my last project, I had to develop a python flask app for my users that required to access the files stored in ...

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