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Angular.js ng-src Example

Hi there! Today we ‘re gonna see how to include images in our Angular applications. 1. Introduction In plain HTML, we use the <img> tag to insert an image to our site. For example, this could be a sample image insertion:       <img src="image.png" alt="A sample image" height="64" width="64"> Now, in terms of Angular.js and image insertion, one ...

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CSS Text Decoration Example

The aim of this example is to show the usage of text-decoration property. This is a very commonly used property to decorate text mainly with lines. It may also be used to style links in your own way using underline value. All modern browsers support text-decoration property and you may use it without having to write extra lines of code ...

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Making Cultural Shift Happen

Let me paint a picture and see if it sounds familiar to you: You’re two weeks past the delivery date of the project you’ve been assigned to. So far, you’ve heard around the watercooler talk of staging yet another “coup” because your fellow developers feel that management has once again “dropped the ball” by letting the offshore team take the ...

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Understanding Asynchronous Invocation With Promise Using AngularJS

When you invoke a function asynchronously, it does not block or wait for the response to come from the server. It returns almost immediately. The status of the async function invocation then can be determined using callbacks. All this is achieved using Promise object. The article will demonstrate how one can make use of promise object with asynchronous invocations using ...

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Javascript Eval Example

The eval() function is one of the most discussed by JavaScript developers, most of them call it “evil” (such as Douglas Crockford), who coined the saying “eval() is evil”. But what most programmers fail to see is it’s potential when used properly. Take a look!                 What is eval()? eval() is a function ...

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Dealing with the outside world for programmers

To work with the outside world where business and entrepreneurs lives, you must understand that we are in an alternate universe. For a programmer, playing with technology is fun. We live in a world where building your own server and rolling out your own custom solutions to every problem is something desirable. If something is hard to master and uses ...

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jQuery remove class example

Very often on a webpage we need to change the visual representation of a DOM element to display some non-text information like changing a color to red that would mean some error or warning, or probably changing parameters of an element on mouseenter event. All of this can be implemented using an elegant combination of css and javascript. But practically ...

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HTML5 Page Structure Example

HTML5 is the fifth revision and newest version of the HTML standard. It offers new features that provide not only rich media support, but also enhance support for creating web applications that can interact with the user, his/her local data, and servers, more easily and effectively. Some features of HTML5 remain unsupported from certain browsers, but there is work going ...

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CSS Rotate Text Example

In this example, we’ll talk about the rotate value of the transform property of css and specifically about rotating text elements in html. Because the rotation of text is achieved using the transform property, like for other element rotation, it is supported by all modern browsers. You may use text rotation using css when you want to have fancy text ...

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