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Best way to learn Python

In this article, we’ll talk about the most efficient way to learn Python. Of course, this article will be really subjective, as it is only based on my personal experience. I’ve started learning Python from it’s 3.4 version. I’ve never actually worked with previous versions, although I coded a little bit just to satisfy my curiosity. Still, the difficulty of ...

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Why Your Employees Should Be Contributing to Open Source

Many employers are leery of permitting open-source contributions during office hours. How would contributing to external open-source projects benefit them and their customers? Only a few companies have active open-source committers on their teams, so for a lot of developers, open source has to happen after the day job. But hacking until deep in the night, after a full day ...

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Angular.js Http Post Example

Angular.js is famous for it’s Rest APIs and the simple ways it offers for us to communicate with remote HTTP servers. All this is done through the $http service via the browser’s XMLHttpRequest or JSON with Padding (alias JSONP). Let’s give a go at learning how to do that in real life examples, shall we? 1. The $http service The ...

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Scheduling jobs on Node.js with node-schedule

Batching is a great part of todays software development. The business world runs on batch from bank statements to promotion emails. Node.js has some good libraries for such cases. Node Schedule is a light cron like scheduler for node. npm install node-schedule In case your are used to cron and the cron expression format, it will be pretty easy for ...

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Fault Tolerance on the Cheap Part I

The property of fault tolerance is desirable in common systems, but there is little common literature on the subject. What does exist is seemingly out of date — being associated with either a defunct computer manufacturer or something proposed in early relational-database works or specific, esoteric functional programming languages. Achieving fault tolerance, however, is not an esoteric matter. It is ...

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Web Developer Interview Questions And Answers

The aim of this article is to provide a wide range of questions that a web developer can be asked during a job interview. Preparing for a job interview can be a daunting process if the scope of what is to be asked is so large. Web development includes a considerable set of skills and langauges, and an interview of ...

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The Shortlist of Docker Hosting

We all know that Docker is simple to get up and running on our local machines. But seamlessly transitioning our honed application stacks from development to production was a piece of the puzzle lacking until the past six to twelve months. Now there are so many specialized and optimized Docker hosting services available, it’s high time for a review to ...

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Presenting with reveal.js

Presentations are sort of an unavoidable feature of both student and professional life. They bring many challenges with them that can catch you by surprise. I found myself in a need to do a presentation for my teammates to showcase a library I spent the last weeks developing. I was faced with the sad reality of opening up PowerPoint and ...

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