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Javascript String Replace Example

Ever wrote an entire post about the simmilarities between two programming languages, and realized at the end of your 1000 word essay that “simmilarities” is actually written as “similarities”? Now you’d have to change that, and it’s horrible because you actually used that word like a dozen times! I would know that, as the engineering student who learned how to ...

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JavaScript inheritance example

JavaScript is a very popular object-oriented language. We use it every day in our web applications, it is also supported on many user interface (UI) frameworks like QT, and on server side applications (node.js). However this language is prototype based and does not implement a traditional class system. This is often confusing for developers whose are familiar with languages that ...

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HTTP web server for Chrome to test local web applications

If you are writing HTML and JavaScript on your PC and testing the output in your browser without setting up a server, you will probably get some error messages about Cross Origin Requests. Your browser will render HTML, run JavaScript, jQuery or AngularJS web app, and … block requests. This is a common behavior of many web browsers due to possible ...

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Angular.js Form Validation Example

One of AngularJS advantages is the simplicity it provides for validating forms. Today’s example demonstrates a simple way to implement client-side validation using the AngularJS form properties. Suppose a form with two fields, username and email and two buttons, one for reset and the other with a submit role. Our example’s concept is that both of the form’s fields are required, ...

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HTML5 Form Validation Example

Introduction HTML5 has introduced a lot of changes welcomed by developers, including adding additional types of form input elements that helps in form processing activities like validation. Validating web forms has always been a painful task for many developers. Performing client side validation in a user-friendly as well as developer-friendly way is really hard. Furthermore informing users about the validation ...

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AngularJs as the alternative choice for building web interface

Recently, we were invited to conduct a joint talk with a UX designer, Andrew from Viki on  Improving communications between Design and Development for Singasug. The main focus of the talk was to introduce AngularJS and elaborate on how it help to improve collaboration between developers and designer from both sides of view. To illustrate the topic, we work together on revamping the ...

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Generate Mazes in AngularJS with 8-Bit Algorithms

I started programming on 8-bit machines. Back then it was normal to do amazing things with a mere 64 kilobytes of memory on a CPU that clocked in at 2.6 Megahertz. No, those aren’t typos, and I meant “mega-” not “giga-”. In those days we were forced to do a lot with a little, and “optimizing code” meant choosing op ...

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