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Javascript Regular Expressions Example

Regular expressions are patterns used to match character combinations in strings. They are used to perform pattern-matching and “search-and-replace” functions on text. In JavaScript, regular expressions are also objects. JavaScript’s regular expression flavor is part of the ECMA-262 standard for the language. This means your regular expressions should work exactly the same in all implementations of JavaScript. In the past ...

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Having trouble getting started on learning a new skill?

Working on the same kind of project with the same old technologies you’ve already mastered is easy and comfortable. You’ve been telling yourself that you should move on to a more modern web development stack or learn a new library for a while, but you’re having trouble just getting started. It’s easier to dream about how cool it would be to ...

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Javascript Open New Tab Example

One of the most simple and basic actions you find in websites or apps is being able to open a URL into a new tab or window. In most cases this is not only dependent of your code but also the settings of the browser that is used. Let’s see how to proceed in order to make this action possible! ...

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A Serverless REST API in Minutes with Serverless Framework

The Serverless Framework (previously known as JAWS) debuted several months ago and has been rapidly maturing to help engineers build scalable applications without the hassle of maintaining servers. The Framework relies exclusively on Amazon Web Services’ Lambda technology to run your code in the cloud. Lambda is unique in that it containerizes your code and auto-scales those containers for you, ...

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Using Swarm with Calico on Docker Machine

In 2015, Docker announced their plugin system and revealed a list of early network and storage integrators. During Docker Global Hackday #3, we started playing with Swarm and Calico — however the tooling and integration at that stage made it difficult to implement. Thanks to the hard work of contributors to both projects, the barrier to entry for implementing Swam ...

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Javascript Calendar Example

Calendars are a very useful widget or part of an application, as we can see from the frequency in which we use them ourselves (at least for the forgetful people like me!). In fact they can be so useful that there are currently apps dedicated solely to this function in our smartphones and other gadgets. How can we create one ...

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Controlling your novelty-seeking behavior

Getting started with a new technology is always exciting. You see all the things that it does right, unlike your current tools. The tutorial is fun, you have new toys to play with and you’re looking forward to cracking open that book or course. The first wins come in fast, giving you a rush of confidence and boosting your ego. ...

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Python Sockets Example

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about INET, STREAM sockets. We’ll talk about what sockets are, and learn how to work with blocking and non-blocking sockets. First things first, we’ll make a distinction between a “client” socket (endpoint of a conversation), and a “server” socket (switchboard operator). Your client (e.g. your browser) uses only client sockets, and your server uses both ...

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