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The Importance of Monitoring Containers [Infographic]

Interested in learning more? Check out our free ebook, The Importance of Monitoring Containers. With the rise of Docker, Kubernetes, and other container technologies, the growth of microservices has skyrocketed among dev teams looking to innovate on a faster release cycle. This has enabled teams to finally realize their DevOps goals to ship and iterate quickly in a continuous delivery ...

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Install Docker on Ubuntu Tutorial

Docker is, without any doubt, on of the most popular software at the moment, being used by almost every web developer and systems administrator. In this tutorial, we will see how to install it in Ubuntu systems. For this tutorial, we will use Linux Mint 18 (an Ubuntu based Linux distribution) 64-bit version. 1. Prerequisites According to Docker documentation, we ...

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PHP GridView Example

In this example we will introduce the concept of gridviews. We will also learn how to display data in a gridview with PHP and HTML. For this example we will use: A computer with PHP>= 5.5 installed notepad++ Mysql Database A grid view or a data grid is a graphical control element that displays data in a tabular view. Gridview ...

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Running Your Phoenix Tests Using Docker

One of the many benefits of using Docker is that it can make testing your applications much easier. Want to test out your Phoenix app on the newest version of Elixir? Easy — just change one line in the Dockerfile. In this post, we’ll walk through setting up a Phoenix project with Docker, which will allow us to run our ...

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Sanitize: Good for Beer, Good for Data

Did someone say beer?! When I’m not working, there’s a real good chance I’m thinking about beer. I know you’re saying to yourself, “Duh, me too.” Well I’m not just thinking about what I’ve got in the fridge or what’s on tap down the road (though I am interested in that too), I am also thinking about brewing my own, ...

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Why Use Angular.js

You don’t have to have been in the programming world to have heard before about AngularJS. While it’s a relatively new technology, there are already multiple documents, books and articles exploring its features and ways of usage, its benefits and disadvantages, and more importantly it is currently being widely used to develop a wide variety of web applications and more. ...

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Angular.js Architecture Tutorial

Angular is one of the most used frameworks in web developing and more, and this is for a good reason. If you already know its benefits then I’m sure that the next step for you would be to get ready to use it in your projects as soon as possible. One of the most important step in learning how to ...

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PHP Global Variables Example

In this example we will learn about PHP global variables, what they are and how to use them. Variables are an integral part of any programming language. They are used to hold information about the programming context. Depending on where the variable is declared, it may be visible or invisible in other parts of the script(the scope of the variable can ...

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Top 5 Performance Metrics for Node.js Applications

Interested in monitoring your Node.js application performance? Try AppDynamics for Free. The last couple articles presented an introduction to Application Performance Management (APM) and identified the challenges in effectively implementing an APM strategy. This article builds on these topics by reviewing five of the top performance metrics to capture to assess the health of your enterprise Node.js application. Specifically this ...

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