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Query DynamoDB Items with Node.js Part 2

On a previous post we had the chance to issue some basic DynamoDB query actions. However apart from the basic actions the DynamoDB api provides us with some extra functionality. Projections is a feature that has a select-like functionality. You choose which attributes from a DynamoDB Item shall be fetched. Keep in mind that using projection will not have any impact on ...

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PHP Calendar Example

In this example we are going to build a web based dynamic calendar using PHP. A web based calendar can be used for events, upcoming product specials, memos, and anything else you can think of. The calendar is divided into two parts, the top part shows the current year and month, while the lower part shows each day of the month. ...

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What you are is what you do

We define our work and our skills using various labels. Right now, I could say that I’m a software developer, a programmer, a product owner, a web developer, an Android developer and all those would be true. Still, those labels don’t tell you much about what I really do, or how much experience I have in each of those fields. ...

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Testing HTTP APIs with SuperTest

You know tests are Good For You®. You probably even write unit tests and measure the code coverage of your business logic. Congrats! However, at that layer, your only writing tests for yourself, your teammates, or others consuming your code-level interfaces. But what about your web-level interface? Your HTTP API is the interface you give others who depend on your ...

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Massive Discounts on Stock Photos – 84% off!

Depositphotos offers one of the largest stock photo libraries on the Web, and you can nab either 100 or 200 images of your choice for up to 87% off the regular price! What makes this deal so spectacular is that besides a ginormous library to browse, you can select ANY SIZE photo you want, including the much sought-after and generally pricey ...

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Getting Started with Angular.js

There are new tools and technologies appearing in the internet everyday, all with their special characteristics and their similarities and differences with the rest of all what have already been established. While a big number of them flop just as quickly as they were made visible (with good reason too!), Angular.js will be around for quite some time in the ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Roll Your Own Authentication

“Should I roll my own authentication?” Given how easy it is to build an authentication system with Rails’ has_secure_password and the authenticate method (as shown in Hartl’s tutorial), why would you jump straight to a gem like Devise, which is hard to understand and customize? In this article, I hope to lay down the case for why I think the ...

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PHP Authentication Example

In this example we are going to show you how to add an authentication system to your website. Authentication is an integral part of any web app that works with a login and registration system. Web apps like, and use authentication to secure there users. Authentication is the process of determining whether someone or something is, in ...

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