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Static code analysis for free

Although JavaScript might be the world’s most misunderstood language, it is now among the most popular and most used ones. Thus you should also treat it as such. Meaning, to properly structure your frontend, apply code linters, automated testing… The available tools make that even easier than you might think. You can’t control what you can’t measure Tom DeMarco A ...

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Twitter Bootstrap Modal Example

The Bootstrap Modal is a responsive JavaScript popup used for many purposes, such as log in/signup forms, videos, images and alert dialog boxes. It can even be used for showcasing dialog prompts for terms and conditions, and one of it’s best features is being responsive and customizable. Modals’ structure: Theoretically, modals have a three-part structure, formed by a header, a ...

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Templating in Javascript

In the last few weeks I was doing some work with client side templates. Since most of the webbies seemed to be unfamiliar with the concept and had a wee bit of bother wrapping their heads around it, here’s a short explanation of the whole idea. Code for this post can be downloaded here or seen here. Formatting output with ...

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Single Page Apps

Single Page Apps are becoming increasingly popular as the demand for highly responsive apps is increasing. We could be using Ajax and Javascript to do this, but we will be using Angular as it is a structural framework for dynamic web-apps, efficient and easy to use, as described by the people who built it. We’re going to create a simple ...

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HTML5 Geolocation API with Google Maps

I have been reading Head First HTML5 and read about the Geolocation support in HTML5 and also went through the example they have shared about using the Google Maps with HTML5 geolocation API. It was an interesting example and I went a step further and enhanced the example to show some eat outs around the current location. For this I ...

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Why should we use server side in Backbone.js?

One of the challenges when building nontrivial Web applications is that JavaScript’s non-directive nature can initially lead to a lack of structure in your code. JavaScript is often written as a free-hanging and unrelated blocks of code, and it doesn’t take long before it becomes hard to make sense of the logic and organization of your own code. This becomes ...

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Unit Test AngularJS Controller With Jasmine

Last time I demonstrated how to Consume RESTful API With Angular-HAL, and now I want to show you how to unit test my AngularJS controller code withJasmine, a behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code. BDD and Jasmine I’m a big fan of Test-Driven Development (TDD). And I always want to write unit test for my code. But not everyone ...

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Always in view paradigm in web

I was thinking about writing the next post in my blog and remembered one well-known paradigm I used in my completed web projects. The paradigm is to show current element(s) to be navigated always in view, that means visible. You know, a classic web application can have a long content causing scrollbars in browser. For instance, a vertical scrollbar means ...

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Templating a WordPress theme with Twig

Well, that wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. Some googling and a couple of experiments went a long way, and now I have a partial, unstyled, Twig-based theme happily running on WordPress. Twig is a templating engine for php. It has more than enough features to get me going, setting it up is as easy as falling ...

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Developing stateless (session-less) web apps

Almost all of the web apps we build nowadays (at least on the circles I usually move around) rely on the beloved and hated session. This artifact, providing a stateful user wide storage, allows us to relate several HTTP requests together and thus implement the concept of authenticated and secure web applications, that “know” who is using them several requests ...

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