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Eventually Correct: Async Testing With Tornado

Async frameworks like Tornado scramble our usual unittest strategies: how can you validate the outcome when you do not know when to expect it? Tornado ships with a tornado.testing module that provides two solutions: the wait / stop pattern, and gen_test.   Wait / Stop gen_test Further Study Wait / Stop To begin, let us say we are writing an ...

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Angular.js Data Binding Example

Hey! Today we ‘ll see how we can easily update our angular views, using ngModel. To begin with, according to angular applications, data-binding is the automatic synchronization of data between the model and view components (for those that didn’t get this at all, please take a look over the MVC pattern). Regarding Angular’s implementation, the view is a projection of ...

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HTML5 Contact Form Example

In this example we will go through a simple clean contact form. Contact forms are sections within a webpage that you add with a set of input fields for users to have the possibility to contact the website admins. Normally, you can choose how many fields you want the contact form to have, like name, e-mail, subject and message, or ...

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WebSockets in Rails 4

I previously published this article on my personal blog early 2013, but thought I’d share it today with our Codeship readers. Enjoy! I’ve been using Rails 4 (beta) a lot recently. In a previous post we looked at how ActionController::Live can be used with Server-Sent Events, but the problem with that is that there’s no way for the client to ...

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CSS Box Shadow Example

In this example, we will go through the box-shadow property of css. Just like the text-shadow property, box-shadow will give an element of html a new look by adding different styled shadows. As you can imagine, this is going to be more of an examples show rather than exaplanation because the property is pretty straight-forward. The cases you’ll see below, ...

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Communication between Angular Controller and Directive

Since I had issues finding a good explanation on how to tie together a controller and a directive with isolated scope I decided to create my own blog post on this subject. This repo contains a runnable example of the solution. It contains a Spring Boot Web Application that can be started to act as a HTTP server but all the ...

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Javascript Array Length Example

Every programmer learning a new language has to study the way it manages arrays and their size. In native Javascript, length is a property of every array and obviously it is used to retrieve or set the length of that array. The length property is a part of the Array prototype and may be a non-negative integer less then 232. ...

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Python: matplotlib hangs and shows nothing (Mac OS X)

I’ve been playing around with some of the matplotlib demos recently and discovered that simply copying one of the examples didn’t actually work for me. I was following the bar chart example and had the following code: When I execute this script from the command line it just hangs and I don’t see anything at all. Via a combination of ...

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CSS Text Shadow Example

Ever felt chaotic about text going into unsuitable button colors, boxes or simply sitting inside a bad contrast in the page? Well, it’s probably because you’ve used colors that won’t match to give a good view of the text, (e.g make it readable). With CSS, it is very easy to solve this using the text-shadow property to enhance the text ...

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