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AngularJS Project Essentials

You’ve read the tutorials, watched the online demos and wrote the to-do list app in Angular. Now you’ve been assigned your first real world project. You create the project, hook in Angular, and start coding away. “Now what?” After over three years of writing Angular enterprise apps, I’ve found there are a few elements I almost always pull in. I ...

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HTML5 Slideshow Example

In this example, we aim to have a closer look at slideshows with HTML5. Slideshows are a good way to present a set of images within a part of the website. HTML5 doesn’t have a native tag or set of tags to make a slideshow, but you can achieve it using other provided tags. As you can imagine, javascript needs ...

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A Java Developer’s Perspective on the Power and Danger of JavaScript’s Object Prototype

In the Anti-Patterns section of the book Learning JavaScript Design Patterns, author Addy Osmani calls “Modifying the Object class prototype” a “particularly bad anti-pattern.” One of the interesting (and scary) aspects of this is that a developer can change the behavior for all JavaScript objects with one definition. This is analogous to what would be possible in Java if a ...

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Angular.js Table Example

Hi there! Today we ‘ll examine a simple table solution, using the Angular.js framework. Suppose we want to display a list of persons, accompanied with their hobbies, in the gentle packaging of an HTML table. Let’s see the way over it! 1. Introduction If you ‘re not enough experienced with Angular, you should first take a glance at a previous ...

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Web Code Geeks and JetBrains are giving away FREE WebStorm IDE Licenses (worth over $490)!

Looking for a powerful, yet lightweight, IDE ? Then we have something especially for you! We are running a contest giving away a FREE license for the kick-ass WebStorm IDE. WebStorm is a lightweight yet powerful IDE, perfectly equipped for complex client-side development and server-side development with Node.js! WebStorm’s smart code editor provides first-class support for JavaScript, Node.js, HTML and ...

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Python: Refactoring to iterator

Over the last week I’ve been building a set of scripts to scrape the events from the Bayern Munich/Barcelona game and I’ve ended up with a few hundred lines of nested for statements, if statements and mutated lists. I thought it was about time I did a bit of refactoring. The following is a function which takes in a match ...

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HTML5 AutoComplete Example

In this article I will show you an example on how to create an autocomplete input using HTML5. First I will present you what HTML5 added to create autocomplete fields. Then we will create a real example, with data loaded from a server request (aJax). 1. Elements and attributes 1.1 The autocomplete attribute IMPORTANT : This attribute is not used ...

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The Top 5 Mistakes AngularJS Developers Make Part 4: Hacking the DOM

  This is the fourth part in a five-part series that covers common AngularJS mistakes. To recap, the top five mistakes I see people make are: Heavy reliance on $scope (not using controller as) Abusing $watch Overusing $broadcast and $emit Hacking the DOM Failing to Test In the previous posts I’ve covered some nuances around controllers and how they communicate ...

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HTML5 Fieldset Example

The aim of this example is to present you to tha fieldset tag of HTML. The fieldset is used to group similar and related elements, it draws a line box around the content inside. It is supported by all browsers. It will be necessary whenever you need to gather elements for example of the same type like inputs, or just ...

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