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CSS Multiple Background Images Example

The aim of this example is to go through the application of multiple background images to a webpage or a specific elements within the page. CSS3 allows you to add multiple background images for an element, through the background-image property built right into the core CSS. The different background images are separated by commas, just like a comma separated list, ...

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The Clash of Template and Delegate Patterns

Back in my delegate decorator article, I mentioned some weaknesses of the delegate pattern as a substitute to inheritance. The decorator solved one of those problems, but the other is still a problem. The problem comes when using something akin to the template pattern.             The Problem For example, if you have this class: class ...

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Javascript Popup Example

In many cases it is useful to add a popup to your page or website. In Javascript there are ready made methods to do that, or you can create popups manually. Take a look! Methods for popping up boxes In Javascript there are three kinds of popup boxes: Alert boxes Popup boxes Confirm boxes Let’s take a closer look at ...

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CSS Margin Top Example

In this example, we will have a look at the margin property of css. More specifically, we will see the usage and applications of margin-top. The margin clears an area around an element (outside the border). The margin does not have a background color, and is completely transparent. It is supported by all modern browsers and cen be applied by ...

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Handling Events with Node.js

The events module in Node allows you to emit and handle events. Lot of in-built modules (objects) in Node has the ability to emit or broadcast an event. For example, the fs or File stream module emits an event named ‘data’ every time the data is read from the stream. The objects that emit events are referred to as event ...

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[Angular2]=”{{‘Hello, World!’}}”

As I mentioned in my recent blog post Angular 2 is a complete rewrite. Many concepts that are known from Angular 1.x are gone or changed dramatically. Angular 2 looks like a completely different framework: no DDO, no $scope, no angular.module and completely rewritten binding and change detection (no ng-model). Although Angular 2 is still work in progress many new ...

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CSS Absolute Position Example

The aim of this example is to explain the usage of absolute positioning. This is a very powerful type of positioning that allows you to literally place any page element exactly where you want inside the webpage. Remember that these values will be relative to the next parent element with relative (or absolute) positioning. If there is no such parent? ...

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Learning Angular: Expose an API on your directives

Ever wanted to not only create a nice, visually appealing directive or web component, but to also provide a more rich programmatic API with it? Read on to learn about two potential implementation approaches. This article is part of my “Learning NG” series, presenting some of my adventures while learning Angular. Check out the series intro and other articles. Note, ...

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